Monday, 1 August 2011


My Invisalign..

Wearing my Invisalign, you cant really tell right?..

So the few of you who know me too personally, may know i have just started Invisalign. Those of you who didnt know, well check it out!!

Its another form of Orthodontics so it is hopefully going to make my teeth super straight. It cost a bit more then braces and works by wearing the clear mould for 20-22hrs out of the day for two weeks, and then you change to a new mould for another 2 weeks, and so on for however many moulds you are required for your personal plan. So my plan consists of 20 moulds, which will take about 40 weeks to completely straighten my teeth. Im so use to them now i dont even notice they are in, the only sucky side is the little white clips they have to put on some of your teeth to clip the moulds on and help move the teeth, but its not so bad. I have to take them out to eat and drink but im pretty cool with it now, starting my third mould on saturday, only 18 to go..

EmmaGrace xx

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P.P.S How cute is the Motel we are staying at until our new place is available on Sunday!! Its called El Paso in Port Macquarie, i highly recommend it and the room service is AMAZING..